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Welcome to South Bangalore OBGYN Doctors and Associates (SBOBGYN)

SBOBGYN is a group of highly qualified, like minded, specialist doctors with a common vision of making quality care a reality for every woman, 24/7 * 365 days.

We believe in ethical, evidence-based practice and protocol-based care to provide comprehensive health care for women. The care starts at adolescence, moves through pregnancy, menopause and beyond.

Our speciality areas are medical disorders in pregnancy, high risk pregnancy, mental health issues in pregnancy, fertility, fetal medicine, adolescent and menopausal health. The specialists work together to ensure that women with different needs are optimally treated under one roof. We are also skilled in advanced vaginal surgeries, laparoscopy and hysteroscopy.

The best global standards of care for the unique needs of South Indian women are provided by a multidisciplinary approach. We believe in training the next generation of doctors in taking forward the ethical, evidence based, uniform standards of care for the holistic health of women.

Evidence-based practice

What is evidence-based practice?

Is combining current scientific evidence with clinical expertise and the patient’s needs /values for the best treatment.

Practicing evidence-based medicine has enabled us to:

  • Promote vaginal delivery and keep C-section rates for first time mothers to less than 10%, which more than satisfies World Health Organization (WHO) requirements.
  • Treat gynecological conditions with medications and avoid unnecessary surgery.
  • Steer our practice to go with nature as far as possible
  • Training doctors for International examinations of repute

Vaginal Delivery (First time mothers)
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