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Diabetic Clinic

About 1-2% of pregnant women in India have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes and one in every four to five develop diabetes in pregnancy, which has increased in recent years.

If a woman is diabetic and is planning to get pregnant, let her not worry! 
She can come to SBOBGYN pre-pregnancy clinics and get the necessary information and support.


If a woman is diabetic and pregnant or she has developed gestational diabetes, meet our multidisciplinary team @ SBOBGYN, which consists of an experienced obstetrician, diabetologist, fetal medicine specialist and a dietician. The team follows evidence-based protocols of care to provide comprehensive care under one roof. Consult our yoga therapist who will create a customized plan of care before, during and after pregnancy.


Appropriate management of women with diabetes in pregnancy can stop the diabetes inheritance of the baby and hence the future generations. Pregnancy provides a window of opportunity for the women and her family to make lifestyle changes and keep diabetes at bay.

In Bengaluru, Dr. Latha Venkataram, is the first to start Diabetes and pregnancy clinics with a diabetologist, fetal medicine specialist and dietician in the same clinic. She is ably joined by Dr. Shreelakshmi to run Diabetes and pregnancy clinics. Dr. Latha Venkataram, with her rich experience is an advisor on the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) panel for diabetes and pregnancy at the National level.