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Fetal Medicine

Fetal medicine helps us assess the health of the unborn fetus, mainly by ultrasound. The fetal medicine clinic at SBOBGYN is staffed by highly trained specialists who are exclusively trained in conducting and interpreting obstetric scans for comprehensive care.


The fetal medicine unit closely works with the obstetrician, neonatologist and the geneticist and the scope of their services include

  • Screening for premature birth by measurement of cervical length and taking prevention measures
  • Screening for pre-eclampsia by uterine doppler studies
  • Screening for chromosomal abnormalities through the measurements of nuchal translucency and combining other hormone screening tests
  • Performing TIFFA (targeted imaging for fetal anomalies) scans to rule out any anomalies at 20 weeks
  • Assessment of foetal growth and wellbeing
  • Interval growth scans for high risk pregnancies
  • Sequential doppler studies in IUGR and other high risk babies for the timing of delivery
  • Optimization of time and place of delivery 
  • Optimization of post-delivery management
  • Counselling and support for parents